Corona Police Volunteers

The Corona Police Department offers a variety of volunteer opportunities and welcomes volunteers to help with a wide variety of activities. Volunteers are advised and coordinated by the Corona Police Department Personnel and Training Bureau.

The Volunteer Need

More than ever the Corona Police Department strives to maintain policing excellence. We need and seek qualified members of the community who want to give back.

Opportunities Available

Generally speaking volunteering at the Corona Police Department is divided into the following areas: Communication Specialist Volunteers (CSV’s), Volunteers in Patrol (VIP’s), General Volunteers (working inside the building in various bureaus), Police Explorers (ages 14-21), Animal Services Volunteers (see Animal Services Volunteer page) and the Chaplin programs.

Each of these great programs has their own unique responsibilities and requirements. For example, VIP’s serve as additional eyes and ears for our patrol officers while on their volunteer shifts.

Volunteers are often those who wish to give back to their community or in some cases individuals who have the goal of someday getting into law enforcement. It should be noted volunteers are “at will” and can leave at any time or be asked to leave at any time with or without reason.

Time Commitment

Most volunteer positions have a monthly time commitment to remain in good standing. Volunteers will typically be asked to commit to 8-12 hours a month, attend monthly meetings, and work specified special events such as City of Corona parades. Volunteers should factor in the time commitment before applying.

Applicant Background

The Corona Police Department is committed to the safety of the community. Volunteers are a direct and important representative of the department and its’ mission. Volunteers take part in a background and an interview process. This will include areas such criminal records fingerprinting, license checks and suitability for the volunteer program. Typically, arrests or convictions may bar suitability.

How to Volunteer

If you want to volunteer, please submit a Volunteer Application  and list what area you are interested in (For positions at Animal Services, please complete the application adendum attached to the application). Please ensure you include any relevant certificates or life experiences such as military, explorer scouts or education.

Applicants will likely be asked to participate in an oral interview, complete a detailed background process and participate in an orientation.

Currently applications can be obtained at the front counter of the Police Department.

Please submit original applications to the Police Department located at 730 Public Safety Way, Corona.

This process is subject to change without notice.

Please be patient with our response to your inquires.

Ride alongs

Officer ride along requests are evaluated via our watch commanders. Please see the link, "Police Ride Along Request", on the right to understand more about ride along requirements and to make ride along requests.


If you meet the basic requirements and want to volunteer, but would like to first speak with someone or one of our volunteers please contact (be sure to include a contact phone number and your full name). 

 Applications will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Officer Daniel Alvarez: