The Public Information Officers (PIO) are responsible for the regular dissemination of public information about the Corona Police Department to the media.

The PIO Team hosts press conferences, writes press releases, writes articles for publication in magazines and newsletters, coordinates events with the Media Unit, networks with other PIOs and attends many events to represent the Police Department. The PIO team also assists and coordinates with officers for speaking events and other community-oriented activities in town.

News releases from the Corona Police Department are available to the press and the public online, on NixleCorona PD Facebook and on Twitter.


For questions or inquiries please contact the Corona Police Department Public Information Officers:  

Sergeant Paul Mercado • (951) 736-2280
Sergeant Jason Perez • (951) 736-2360
Senior Detective Andy Bryant • (951) 279-3572
Senior Detective John Samano • (951) 736-2282
Officer Clark Eveland • (951) 817-5764