Corona Police Department values its community partnerships to protect lives, property and quality of life within our neighborhoods.  The Corona Police Department participates in a host of community outreach events such as Public Safety Day, Red Ribbon Week, Health & Wellness Fairs, Career Fairs, Athletic Events and Station Tours.  The Department is always interested in new partnerships that support a positive public presence.  The Corona Police Department offers a multitude of services to the community free of charge.  Below are several examples:

Business Security Survey
This survey is intended to evaluate current security measures.  A Corona Police Officer or Crime Prevention Assistant will use the survey results to recommend actions to help prevent/deter future crime.

Child I.D.
The Corona Police Department uses a digital fingerprint machine equipped with a camera to provide parents with a printout that includes the child’s name, date of birth, photo, allergies and fingerprints. 

Clergy Outreach
Corona Police Department understands that the Clergy serve as an excellent resource for disseminating information to residents.  Meetings are held each quarter to bring together Clergy members and police personnel to offer educational opportunities as well as discuss and address any community concerns.  The next Clergy meeting is July 12, 2016. Click HERE for details.

Community Outreach
Corona Police Department values its community partnerships and participates in outreach events in an effort to foster positive relationships with local residents.  Outreach events typically include a police presence, car/motorcycle display, fingerprint machine, career opportunities and crime prevention materials.

Police Explorer Post
The Corona Police Explorer Program is a partnership with the Boy Scouts of America Learning for Life Program. Corona Police Explorers receive training and exposure in career opportunities, life skills, citizenship, character education and leadership experience.

Station Tours
Tours offer visitors a greater understanding of how the station operates daily. The tours are guided by a Police Officer or Police Cadet and are great for all ages.

Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch is one of the most effective ways to prevent crime and reduce fear.  It forges bonds between neighbors and helps reduce residential crime such as burglary, auto theft or juvenile crimes.  The Corona Police Department can help you start or join a neighborhood watch in your area.

Personal Safety
The Corona Police Department offers a multitude of crime prevention materials to help residents reduce their chance of being victimized.  Prevention topics include vehicle and home security, robbery, burglary, domestic violence, gang avoidance, etc.
Senior Citizens Safety
The Corona Senior Citizens Center hosts weekly health screenings and lectures.  We plan to give a brief presentation on elderly safety.  Additionally, we would like to use the fingerprint machine to offer family members of elderly individuals a digital copy of their fingerprints, medications used, photo, general info, etc. (useful if the elderly individual has Alzheimer’s and wanders off).

For further information about pairing with the Corona Police Department, please contact one of our Crime Prevention Assistants:

Ahmad Walid Rosalyna Aguilar
Crime Prevention Assistant Crime Prevention Assistant
951.279.3581 951.279.3577