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Protecting Your Home During a Wildfire - Safety Information

Wildfires can spread rapidly, with little-to-no warning, often going unnoticed until it is too late. These wildfires, commonly started by human error, quickly ignite and burn through tinder-dry bushes and trees, and unfortunately spread to nearby homes as well. If you live in or near a fire-prone area there are various ways that you can help reduce the chance for severe damage to your home and property, by designing and landscaping your home with wildfire safety in mind; selecting materials and plants that can help contain a fire rather than fuel it.


For Home Design and Construction

Use fire-resistant or noncombustible materials on the roof and exterior structure of the dwelling. Treat wood or combustible material used in roofs, siding, decking, or trim with fire-retardant chemicals evaluated by a nationally recognized laboratory. Plant fire-resistant shrubs and trees around your property such as hardwoods, and avoid more flammable pine, evergreen, eucalyptus or fir trees.


For Home Maintenance and Safety

  • Regularly clean your roof and gutters to remove any debris
  • Install a fire alarm on every floor in your home and test monthly
  • Ask the power company to remove any branches that are near or on the power lines
  • Ensure that you have at least a 100-foot radius of defensible space (cleared vegetation) around your home

Should you be directed to evacuate your home due to a wildfire, follow the instructions of local officials, shut all windows and doors and bring your disaster preparedness kit.  For additional tips, click here to download your copy of Ready! Set! Go! Your Personal Wildfire Action Plan or on the picture above. You can also pick-up a copy at any Corona Fire Station or at Fire Headquarters.



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