Planning Division

The Planning Division works with other departments to provide a continuing quality of life for the residents and business owners located in the City of Corona. The Planning Division also works with land developers regarding commercial, industrial, and residential developments; and promotes and implements plans for the balanced and orderly growth of the City and ensures that all new development is constructed in accordance with good design practices. The Planning Division is also responsible for the review and issuance of permits for fence and walls, patio covers, signage, residential and commercial additions, and providing overall general zoning information and General Plan information. See the following links: Planning Commission, Planning Corona, and Proposed Development for additional information and services.
Planning Commission

Planning Corona

Corona Climate Action Plan

North Main Street (Watermarke Properties) Phase II 
Sierra Bella Specific Plan Addendum to the Environmental Impact Report and Amended Specific Plan    

Skyline Heights Environmental Impact Report   

Corona Quarry Amended Surface Mine Permit and Reclamation Plan  

Environmental Impact Reports & Preparation

Proposed Development
Housing Element 
Southern California Council of Governments (SCAG) 2013 Local Profile