The City of Corona is striving for the upmost transparency with our community as we have reached this financial crossroads. As operating costs continue to increase, revenues have not kept up, which is why we now need to Chart Our Path toward a fiscally sustainable future, and we are asking for your help. 
Hello Corona, I am Darrell Talbert, your City Manager. Today we have arrived at a financial crossroads for the City of Corona and we are taking this opportunity to engage with our community in Charting Our Path toward fiscal sustainability.

These webpages have been developed in order to seek input from our residents and stakeholders in establishing policy changes that will create that sustainability and possibly impact service levels in our community.

Over the past ten years, we have seen significant changes in the global economy that has caused the City of Corona to tighten its belt and find more efficient ways to provide services to our community.  As we move forward, we find ourselves there again. In this new budget year we need to, once again, tighten our belts, seek new revenue and solicit input and ideas from you, our residents.

Please take a moment to explore our new web pages, look over some of the ideas already proposed by our community, and provide myself and the City Council with your feedback and suggestions.

We are here to work together toward a fiscally sustainable future for our community. I appreciate your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Darrell Talbert


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