Business Recycling

Make a Difference

Corona generates more than 133,000 tons of solid waste every year and more than half of that amount comes from businesses. State Assembly Bill 939 requires that each municipality reduce by 50% the amount of recycled products being disposed of at landfills. By participating in local recycling programs, businesses can significantly assist the City in achieving the State mandated recycling goals.

The City of Corona and the contracted hauler Waste Management are working together to develop programs to help businesses recycle. Your business could reduce disposal costs and protect natural resources by recycling and practicing waste prevention.

Waste Prevention

Waste prevention is something your business can do today that can significantly reduce the amount of waste that is landfilled. Waste prevention is any practice that causes a reduction in the generation of waste. Here are a few simple ideas:

  • Email (save records electronically)
  • Modify computer programs to not print out extras blank sheets
  • Make double-sided copies
  • Use scrap paper for notes
  • Purchase items in bulk
  • Encourage employees to use reusable cups
  • Reuse file folders
  • Recycle plastic & aluminum beverage containers, save proceeds for office parties, etc.


Representatives from both the City and Waste Management are available to analyze your business waste stream and offer recommendations. For more information, please contact Waste Management at (800) 423-9986.